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Blog September 2012

Hippo Animator 2 As some of you may or may not know, we've been working on a new Mac version and also version 2 of Hippo Animator. Unfortunately the Mac version still isn't ready so we decided to just release version 2 for now. There is a brand new trial, so if you've already trialed version 1, you can still trial version 2. Version 1 and 2 can be run side by side so you can trial version 2 and keep version 1.

You can download the new version here: Download

You can buy a new licence here for $50: Buy Now

You can update from version 1 here for $25: Upgrade

If you bought a licence for Hippo Animator 1 in the last 30 days, let us know what your key is and we will send you and upgrade for free.

New Features:

We've added scenes, which are basically multiple timelines that can be played one after another. There are several new functions the can be used with scenes.


Image Sequence
Image Sequence
Image Sequence
The new image sequence object is much like the image viewer except each image show for one frame. This is very similar to a GIF except the image sequence can also be controlled using script functions.


Text Box
Text Box
Text Box
The text box looks like the normal text object except it can't be converted to an image. It also supports scrollbars allowing large amounts of text to be added to a movie. You can even change the text using script.


Image Export
Image Export
Image Export
It is now possible to set the image export options for individual images and even set JPEG. The image quality setting in the export dialog is still available, however this only changes the size/dimensions of the image. e.g. 50% quality in the export will create an image 50% in size that will still be show 100% in size. 50% quality in the jpeg setting makes a 50% quality jpeg with 100% size. The two combined would make a 50% quality image, with 50% of the size.

Hide Layers or Items in the timeline
Hidden Layers and Items
Hidden Layers and Items
It is now possible to hide layers and items in your timeline to help unclutter your work.

Sort the Library
Sort Library
Sort Library
It is now possible to sort the library alphabetically or by type.

Frame Url
The new function:


Opens a url in any frame of the web page in the browser. For example, if you had a web page with a Hippo Animator movie in one iframe and a video in another iframe. You could change the video from the movie using this function.

More Features
We have a lot more features planned for version 2 and any licence for version 2 will get all the new features as they arrive.

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