Hippani Animator 5 Now Available

Blog March 2016

Hippani Animator 5 Now Available
Primitive Shapes
Primitive Shapes
Hippani Animator 5 is now available to download. This is the follow-up to Hippo Animator 4.

Check out a few of the new features below. Hippani Animator is in continuous development, so expect more features to arrive in the coming months.

500+ new primitive shapes.
We've added 100's of new primitive shapes. All these shapes are available in movie, drawing and image editor. The shapes are also available in the starter edition free of charge.
(Credit: fontawesome.io )

New slider object
A simple input to select a value between a minimum and maximum value.

New select object
A standard drop down choice input.

New templates
Get started quickly with a choice of simple templates for animation, video, apps...
Hippani Animator will lock down it's options to your chosen 'Movie Type'. For example: JavaScript won't be available for a GIF or video.

Hippani Animator 5
Hippani Animator 5
Nested Script
This was the most requested feature in Hippani Animator 5. We're glad to be able to include it.Highly complex movies can now be created.

Add script to timelines.

Access objects within a timeline using JavaScript: SetTextBox("Info.Title","Example");

Turn off the timeline and nest objects: Info.Image.X=20;

CSS classes on objects
Add your own stylesheets and set the styles of individual objects using CSS classes.

Link to external JavaScript and CSS files
Link to external JavaScript files or CSS files anywhere on the internet. This handy feature allows movies pull in external features, data or simply share files.

Updated OS X version
Updated OS X version
HTML5 export
A new HTML5 export option has been added. This removes all the HTML4 backup code from the export.

Expect new HTML5 only objects to arrive soon.

External script export
Bundle all your JavaScript file into one handy external file, which you can edit without having to export the movie again.

Updates GIF export.
Big update to the GIF exporter. Transparency and looping have been added. Also fixes for OS X.

Updated OS X
100's of OS X fixes and improvements added. Version 5 is a big leap from version 4.

Updated interface
Back by popular demand, a new more colourful and friendly interface.

Bug fixes.
We've lost count of the number of fixes, improvements and tweaks. Hippani Animator 5 is more stable, faster and more powerful than ever before.

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