Hippani Animator 5 Beta Now Available

Blog January 2016

Hippani Animator 5 Beta Now Available Hippani Animator 5 Beta is now available to download for Mac and Windows.

Important! This software is still in development, some features and documentation are incomplete.

Windows 8MB

Version 5.0

Download Now

Mac OS X 29MB

Version 5.0

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New Features

500+ new primitive shapes available in the editor, drawings and images.
New slider object.
New select object.
Movie types. e.g. HTML5, animation and only show available features.
New templates (Only basic templates are currently available, more to come.)
Script in timelines.
Nested script ID e.g. SetTextBox("Info.Title"); and Info.Title.X=100;
Set CSS classes on objects e.g.Target specific objects and set your own styles.
Link to external JavaScript and CSS files.
HTML5 export (work in progress, planning to add HTML5 only objects like canvas and also replace generated code with normal code)
External script export (Place all your custom code in an external file).
Updated OS X version (We've got a new mac developer and the mac version has had a massive upgrade).
Updated interface and icons. (Still fine tuning those icons, we're back to colour again :D )
SVG upgrade. (Quite a few fixes)
Various bug fixes.

Several new features still in development.

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