New Vector Shapes in Hippo Animator 1.1.4310

Blog October 2011

We've added a selection of new vector shapes to Hippo Animator, they are all animatable and editable and several have different options. We thought this might be a good opportunity to explain a little more about the HTML exported by Hippo Animator.

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
In most modern browsers SVG is used to display the shapes. SVG loads very quickly and gives smooth images even when scaled up.

VML (Vector Markup Language)
In older versions of Internet Explorer, VML is used to display the shapes. VML is very similar to SVG, it loads very quickly and gives smooth images even when scaled up.

PNG (Portable Network Graphics)
In browsers that don't support any kind of vector graphics, PNG is used to display the shapes. PNG is an image format that supports alpha transparency it is slow to load and becomes pixelated when scaled up.

What You Need To Do
Nothing really, Hippo Animator does all this for you. Create your animation, press export and let Hippo Animator do all the hard work for you. The exported web page will automatically choose how to display shapes without you ever needing to worry about it.


Here's a video demonstration how to animate a circle...

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