Hippo Animator 4 beta Update

Blog August 2014

Hippo Animator 4 beta Update
Slick new interface with object previews
Slick new interface with object previews
Integrated Tabs Help you Work Faster
Integrated Tabs Help you Work Faster
Jump Between Script Events
Jump Between Script Events

Download Hippo Animator 4 7MB (Windows only beta version)

New features include:

Tabbed interface for faster workflow.
Item and object previews.
New script editor.
Nested timelines.
Pivot points.
IE image flicker fixed.
Improved right-to-left support.
Embed individual images.
Add additional CSS to HTML buttons.
Fixed unicode character combinations for languages like Hindi and Arabic.
Include alternate video formats.
Show errors and debugging information in HTML export.
Alternate video formats.
iOS 6 improvements.
On Over and out improved on mobile.
Right to left fonts.
Font line height.
Properties update.
Jump between events in script editor.
Movie on over and on out events.

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