Animator 3.8 now available on Mac OS X.

Blog July 2014

Animator 3.8 now available on Mac OS X. Hippo Animator 3.8 is now available to download for Mac OS X.

New Features in version 3.8

• Movie on over and on out events.
• Play movie backwards by changing the speed.
• Jump to functions in your script. Search in script. Custom and blank cursors.
• CSS and HTML color coding.
• Script color coding.
• Cursors.
• Duplicate and delete items using script.
• Zoom in and out of the timeline.
• Order items using script.
• Animated GIF.
• Add custom HTML to the HEAD and BODY.
• 4 new languages.
• New TimeChange and SecondsChange variables.
• Free version when trial expires.
• Image sequences in timeline.
• Language translator changes are now checked.
• Do not cache option.
• Disable the context menu.
• New hot spot control.
• This update includes some bug fixes.


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