Go for the Professional Look in 2.1

Blog October 2012

Go for the Professional Look in 2.1 New in Hippo Animator 2.1.4686 Change the Size of the interface (GUI) in preferences.

Go for the professional small look or increase the size for easy reading.

SVG Import/Export in Hippo Animator 2.1

October 2012

Hippo Animator 2 is now available and it includes SVG...

TripLogik.com adds HTML Animation

November 2012

Check out this slick animation on the TripLogik website...

New GetElement Function in Animator Professional 5.1

July 2016

We've just added a few minor updates to Hippani Animator...

Hippani Animator 5.1 Now Available to Download

June 2016

Last month Hippani Animator 5.0 was used over 10000...

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