FM Recycle uses Hippo Animator

January 2015

Check out this great website. FM Recycle .

This UK computer recycling company has used Hippo Animator to add superb animation to their website.

We're impressed by the home page and this other fun animation they've added too.

How to Create Responsive Layouts Tutorial

December 2014

This new tutorial demonstrates how to make responsive layouts in Hippo Animator.

Responsive layouts rearrange themselves depending on the size of the web browser or device.

Responsive Layouts Tutorial

Hippo Animator 4 now on Mac OS X

November 2014

We're pleased to announce that Hippo Animator is now available for Mac OS X

Download Hippo Animator 4

We hope you like the great new features, and there is more on the way. Please let us know if you have any problems.

Make money online by linking to Hippani

November 2014

Anybody can join our affiliate program and make money... for free!

Find out more about affiliates

Link to any page on our website and earn 10% commission from any resulting sales. Why not add a link on Facebook, Twitter or a forum? It's like planting a tree that grows money.

If somebody clicks the link and then purchases within four months, you get the credit.

You can link to our home...

Get a Free Licence for Hippo Animator 4

October 2014

We need your help to translate our software. Get a free licence worth $50 if you correct one hundred phrases

Press 'F4' in the software for the translation editor.

Hippo Animator 4 Now Available on Windows

October 2014

Download Hippo Animator 4 7MB Windows

New Features:

• New tutorials.
• Export W3C Widgets and create phone apps.
• Nested timelines.
• Pivot points.
• Tabbed interface for faster workflow.
• Item and object previews.
• New script editor.
• Script line numbers to help debugging.
• Script timeout to catch infinite loops.
• Zoom is saved so you can pick up where you...

Product Animation by

October 2014

Check out this excellent product animation by

The slick HTML animation was created using Hippo Animator 4.

Hippo Animator 4 beta Update

August 2014

Download Hippo Animator 4 7MB (Windows only beta version)

New features include:

Tabbed interface for faster workflow.
Item and object previews.
New script editor.
Nested timelines.
Pivot points.
IE image flicker fixed.
Improved right-to-left support.
Embed individual images....

We've moved on Facebook

July 2014

Our new Facebook page is

We hope you'll join us.

Hippo Animator 4 Beta

July 2014

Try an early beta version of Hippo Animator 4.

Windows only Download 7MB

Animator 3.8 now available on Mac OS X.

July 2014

Hippo Animator 3.8 is now available to download for Mac OS X.

New Features in version 3.8

• Movie on over and on out events.
• Play movie backwards by changing the speed.
• Jump to functions in your script. Search in script. Custom and blank cursors.
• CSS and HTML color coding.

Free HTML5 Animation Tool

June 2014

HTML5, CSS3 and SVG are quickly becoming the preferred method of web animation. Gone are the days of Flash, Silverlight and Java. Plugins are no longer the way for modern web developers. Of course, this means developers need to re-train and re-tool.

We've put together a free starter edition of Hippo Animator 3. It's designed to help developers move into the new way of...

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