New Video Export Options

October 2016

Fantastic new video export options are now available in Hippani Animator 5.1 *

Export your animation to MPEG4, OGG, WEBM, MOV, AVI and more...

Download and Start Animating

* Some operating system may not support all these formats.

Beware of Cracked Software

August 2016

This is a friendly warning from Hippani.

There are websites that claim to have a cracked version of Hippani Animator Professional.

Do not download this crack!

1. It doesn't work. (We know, tried it on a spare laptop.)
2. It installs viruses, key loggers, trojans, adware, fake browser plugins,...

New GetElement Function in Animator Professional 5.1

July 2016

We've just added a few minor updates to Hippani Animator 5.1. Amongst them, is a much requested GetElement function.

This new function returns the document object model (DOM) element used to represent this object. This pro function is useful for extending HTML output.

In the player this returns a Hippani element. Hippani elements support...

New Save & Import Features in Animator 5.1

June 2016

Sharing your work between projects just became so much easier.

In Hippani Animator 5.1.6006 it is now possible to save any item from your library to a file.

Save complex objects like a timeline or an image sequence and it will automatically include any referenced objects for you in the file. It even keeps the folder structure.

Then, simply click import in...

Win an Animator 5 Key and more...

June 2016

Submit your ideas to our showcase and win a free licence key for Hippani Animator 5.

Create any kind of app, game, animation, video or gif and send the .HANI file to

Any entry that gets displayed in our gallery will win:
• Free Hippani Animator 5 Key.
• Credit and permanent backlink to your website.
• Links to your website from all our social media accounts...

Hippani Animator 5.1 Now Available to Download

June 2016

Last month Hippani Animator 5.0 was used over 10000 times. 68% of users have already upgraded.

Version 5.1 includes an overall stability improvement.
• Around 30 bugs fixed.
• Minor user interface improvements.
• 1000's language corrections.
• New HTML object functions.
• Drag objects directly into the timeline layers.

Download Hippani Animator 5.1

Hippani Animator 5 Now Available

March 2016

Hippani Animator 5 is now available to download. This is the follow-up to Hippo Animator 4.

Check out a few of the new features below. Hippani Animator is in continuous development, so expect more features to arrive in the coming months.

500+ new primitive shapes.
We've added 100's of new primitive shapes. All these shapes...

Earn a Free Key for Hippani Animator 5

March 2016

Translation submissions are now available for Hippani Animator 5.

Translate from English to your own language. Earn a free key worth $50 if you correct one hundred phrases.

Look for the translation editor in the help menu.

Hippani Animator 5 Beta Now Available

January 2016

Hippani Animator 5 Beta is now available to download for Mac and Windows.

Important! This software is still in development, some features and documentation are incomplete.

Make 25% Commission by linking to Hippani

June 2015

Join the Hippani affiliate program and make money... for free!

Join the Affiliate Program

How it works:
Link to our website and earn 25% commission from resulting sales.
Try adding a link to Facebook, Twitter or a forum.
If anybody clicks the link and then purchases any time after that, you get paid.

It only takes a minute to join.

Hippo Studios is now Hippani

June 2015

Hippo Studios Limited has changed it's name to Hippani.

The new website is

Facebook has moved to

Twitter has moved to

Please update your links.

Publishing on Facebook

May 2015

Facebook is an online social network with over a billion users.

This tutorial demonstrates how to add HTML animation to a Facebook page, and also how to create a Facebook Canvas.

Publishing on Facebook Tutorial

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