Hippo Animator Price Increase

April 2012

Due to a host of new features, usability improvements and performance enhancments. The price of Hippo Animator will increase to $40 from the 1st May 2012.

You can still buy Hippo Animator Here for $30.

Script Debugging

April 2012

By popular demand, we've added script error alerts to the player to help you debug your movie.

It can even suggest corrections.

Download Hippo Animator 1.6.4485

New Button Styles and Effects

April 2012

We've added new button styles and effects to Hippo Animator so you can create great looking buttons in just a few clicks. Check out these examples: Example Buttons

Hippo Animator 1.6.4481

April 2012

New features and fixes added to hippo animator.

If the software crashes, it now asks you if you want to save, after the error message.
Edit is now available in the timeline.
Buttons now have names and can be renamed.
Item names now show in the properties.
The property title is now fixed.
The scrollbar position in the properties is remembered for different...

New Payment System

March 2012

It's now even easier to buy Hippo Animator. Try our new Gumroad payment system and get a licence key in seconds.

Buy Now



This video tutorial demonstrates how to use the image viewer in Hippo Animator. The tutorial shows how to create slideshows and use script.

Hippo Animator 1.6

March 2012

Hippo Animator 1.6 is now available with a new Image Viewer and slideshow object.

Add the new image viewer to your movie and then add images to it's image list.

Choose from different transitions and timings. Set it to auto play, loop or control it with script.

Image Viewer Example Image Viewer ...

Get a Free Licence Key For Hippo Animator

March 2012

We are giving away licence keys for free if you can do any of the following:

• Correct mistakes one of our language files. We used an online translator, we still have a few languages such as French, Italian, Japanese and Chinese that need to be corrected. Contact us for more details and you could get a free licence.

• Get us 100 unique referrals from your web site. If you...

Vimeo Videos in Hippo Animator 1.5

February 2012

Support for Vimeo videos has been added to Hippo Animator 1.5.4437.

For more details on how to add Vimeo videos check the help and also the adding video tutorial.

Hippo Animator Update 1.5.4436

February 2012

There is a new update to hippo animator. A few bugs have been fixed and there is a new page object which allows you to embed web pages into your movie.

The new page object could be used to play videos, load scrollable text and embed html animation.

Hippo Animator Update 1.5.4421

February 2012

Document scaling - Change the movie scale to a vertical or horizontal document.

Invisible buttons - Place invisible buttons over images and animation to create hot spots, just set the fill type to none.

Hippo Animator 1.5

February 2012

Hippo Animator 1.5 is now available.

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