Hippo Animator 1.7.4519

Blog May 2012

Hippo Animator 1.7.4519 New features in Hippo Animator 1.7.

You can now add labels to frames, to help make the timeline less confusing.

Try the new stamp shape, lots of combinations of edge patterns to make your work more fun.

Shapes, drawings and buttons can now have radial gradient fills.

Hippo Animator 1.7.4512

May 2012

More features in Hippo Animator 1.7.4512.

MP3 Waveforms now in the Timeline.

May 2012

We've added MP3 Waveforms to the timeline of Hippo Animator...

New GetElement Function in Animator Professional 5.1

July 2016

We've just added a few minor updates to Hippani Animator...

New Save & Import Features in Animator 5.1

June 2016

Sharing your work between projects just became so much...

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