256 Color Compression

Blog May 2012

You can now export to compressed 256 color images in Hippo Animator.

Compare these 2 movies, the top one is 2.8 times faster to download.

256 Color = 211K

16 Million Color = 596K

Compare these 2 slideshow movies, including all the slides the top one is 4.2 times smaller.

256 Color = 914K

16 Million Color = 3.85MB

Hippo Animator 1.7

May 2012

New logo and new vector drawing features in Hippo Animator...

Get a Free Licence Key For Hippo Animator

May 2012

We are giving away licence keys for free if you can...

Beware of Cracked Software

August 2016

This is a friendly warning from Hippani.

New GetElement Function in Animator Professional 5.1

July 2016

We've just added a few minor updates to Hippani Animator...

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