The Hobbit Video Clip

September 2012

This is a test video clip to see if it is possible to embed video in an iPhone webpage. It was created by extracting the images and audio from the new Hobbit trailer. The Hobbit Website . The images are played as an image sequence and the audio is played as a loop.

Cool Frog Animation

September 2012

Check out this cool frog animation made with Hippo Animator 2.

View Animation

100% HTML as always, works on phones, no need for flash.

Get a Free Licence Key For Hippo Animator 2

September 2012

We are giving away licence keys for free if you can do any of the following:

• Correct mistakes one of our language files. We used an online translator, we still have a few languages such as Japanese, Turkish, Arabic, Russian and Chinese that need to be corrected. Contact us for more details and you could get a free licence.

• Get us 100 unique referrals from your web site...

Hippo Animator 2

September 2012

As some of you may or may not know, we've been working on a new Mac version and also version 2 of Hippo Animator. Unfortunately the Mac version still isn't ready so we decided to just release version 2 for now. There is a brand new trial, so if you've already trialed version 1, you can still trial version 2. Version 1 and 2 can be run side by side so you can trial version 2 and keep version 1.

100% Hippo Animator Book Website

September 2012

Check out this new mini site for detective novel Belleville : Life, created in Hippo Animator.

Persian and Hmong Daw Languages Now Available

August 2012

Persian and Hmong Daw are now available in Hippo Animator 1.8.4618.

Please help us correct an mistakes in our translation. Press F4 for the language translator and send us updates.

Send us 50 corrections in any language and we'll send you a free licence key for Hippo Animator 1.

Hippo Animator 1.8.4601

August 2012

Update to Hippo Animator 1.8 is now available.

Bugs fixed, including drawings that create a windows error.

Image Sequence Animation

July 2012

Check out this simple image sequence made by David Knight from Australia.
The animation was made with Hippo Animator by adding all the images to the timeline and showing each image for only one frame.

View the Animation


Interactive Treasure Map

July 2012

Check out this fantastic HTML treasure map made by David Knight from Australia.
The map was made with Hippo Animator and uses the image viewer object to make the skulls pop up.

View the Treasure Map


New Preferences Dialog in Hippo Animator 1.8

July 2012

There is a new preferences dialog available from the 'View' menu.

All the software settings are now together in one place.

Hippo Animator 1.8.4568

July 2012

Hippo Animator 1.8 is now available.

It has a new smoother interface (It looks a lot like the old one, but it's a step on the road to greater things).

New Script Editor

June 2012

The new script editor in Hippo Animator 1.7 allows multiple functions.

The image shows a script for a button that beeps and then goes to the start of the movie.

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