Hippo Animator 2.0.4667

Blog October 2012

Hippo Animator 2.0.4667 Lots of small updates in Hippo Animator 2.0.4667

A great new feature, you can now scroll while dragging. Grab an item in the editor, the library, the timeline or anywhere with scrollbars. Move to the edge and the scrollbar will automatically scroll so you can see more.

A few more bug fixes, the software is so much more solid than it was before. We're very proud.

Thanks for all the language corrections, we're still offering free licences for anybody who can correct 100 phrases. E-mail us for details.

You can download the latest version here: Download


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Hippo Animator 2.0.4669

October 2012

Updates in Hippo Animator 2.0.4669


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