New Vector Drawing Features

Blog November 2012

New Vector Drawing Features New vector drawing features have been added to Hippo Animator 2.1.

• Double click anywhere in a shape to select it.
• Rotate shapes and lines using the rotate tool, drag to rotate.
• Scale shapes and lines using the scale tool, drag to scale.
• Right click a shape or line for more useful features such as duplicate, delete and flip.
• The current selected layer is now checked in the list of shapes and lines. adds HTML Animation

November 2012

Check out this slick animation on the TripLogik website...

New Javascipt Engine in Hippo Animator 2.3

January 2013

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New Video Export Options

October 2016

Fantastic new video export options are now available...

Beware of Cracked Software

August 2016

This is a friendly warning from Hippani.

Learn more about creating HTML animation and mobile apps with Hippani Animator.
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