Hippo Animator 2.6 now available

Blog May 2013

Hippo Animator 2.6 now available Hippo Animator 2.6 is now available.

New features:

XML, create data driven sites by connecting to XML.
Advanced mouse control, add dragging and swiping to your projects.

XML Help

Movie Mouse Properties

Dragging Items Video Tutorial

Animal Shape Dragging Demo

Control Frames using JavaScript

March 2013

It is now possible to control frames using JavaScript...

Hippo Animator 1.8 is now FREE!

May 2013

Hippo Animator 1.8 is now completely free to download...

New GetElement Function in Animator Professional 5.1

July 2016

We've just added a few minor updates to Hippani Animator...

Win an Animator 5 Key and more...

June 2016

Submit your ideas to our showcase and win a free licence...

Learn more about creating HTML animation and mobile apps with Hippani Animator.
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