New Scripting Features in Hippo Animator 3.7

June 2014

The latest version of Hippo Animator has some brand new scripting features.

• Color coding. It's now easy to read and spot mistakes.
• Search. Quickly find text in your code.
• Jump to different functions. Move around your code using the drop down menu.

Free Starter Edition of Hippo Animator Now Available!

June 2014

Would you like to use Hippo Animator for free? Sure you would!

Download Hippo Animator

Hippo Animator 3 has a new free starter edition with less features. Don't worry if your trial has expired.

Create amazing HTML animation and rich multimedia websites for FREE!!!!

The starter version is perfect for schools.

4 New Languages Added

May 2014

Hippo has new translations for Welsh, Urdu, Malay and Maltese.

As always, there is probably a few translation errors.
Correct any 50 phrases in Hippo Animator, using the language editor (F4), and win a free licence key.

Moving from Flash to HTML5

November 2013

Flash is pretty awesome, there's little to argue about, it's been around for years and you can create rich animation and applications really quickly. The trouble with Flash is, it's a browser plugin and the last few years have seen a big increase in the move away from plugins to web standards. You can't use Flash on many mobile phones and even if you can it doesn't work very well. Tablets are becoming...

Join Hippani for free and make money.

July 2013

Introducing our new affiliate program.

Offer our software on your website, blog, newsletter or social media and earn 10% commission for each sale.

It's free to join and simple to use.

Become an Affiliate

Get a Free Licence for Hippo Animator 2

May 2013

We need your help to translate our software. Get a free licence worth $50 if you correct one hundred phrases

Press 'F4' in the software for the language editor.

Hippo Animator 1.8 is now FREE!

May 2013

Hippo Animator 1.8 is now completely free to download with no restrictions.

Upgrade to at any time version 2 and get great new features including scenes, javascript, XML, SVG import, mouse dragging, keyboard events, inputs, scriptable objects, fullscreen, cookies, tooltips, image sequences, image export formats, plus 100's of bug fixes and improvements.

Version 1 Free Download 7.5MB

Hippo Animator 2.6 now available

May 2013

Hippo Animator 2.6 is now available.

New features:

XML, create data driven sites by connecting to XML.
Advanced mouse control, add dragging and swiping to your projects....

Control Frames using JavaScript

March 2013

It is now possible to control frames using JavaScript in Hippo Animator 2.4.

Check out this Race Car Demo
Try this Tutorial
Read the frame Reference

Cookies and Inputs in Animator 2.4

February 2013

Cookies are now supported in Hippo Animator 2.4.

We've also added text, password and hidden inputs.

There is a number of new functions available for interacting with inputs and submitting forms. Check out this tutorial Working with Inputs and Forms

There are also new sound functions to pause and resume sounds.

New Javascipt Engine in Hippo Animator 2.3

January 2013

Hippo Animator 2.3 has a new javascript engine built in. It's now possible to create more complex interactive movies, games and applications.

Follow the tutorial Adding Javascript

Try this demo, download the .HANI file to see the javascript code. Tic-Tac-Toe

New Vector Drawing Features

November 2012

New vector drawing features have been added to Hippo Animator 2.1.

• Double click anywhere in a shape to select it.
• Rotate shapes and lines using the rotate tool, drag to rotate.
• Scale shapes and lines using the scale tool, drag to scale.
• Right click a shape or line for more useful features such as duplicate, delete and flip.
• The current selected layer...

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