Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program Link to any page on our website and earn 25% commission from any resulting sales. Why not add links to Facebook, Twitter or a forum? It's like planting a tree that grows money.

If somebody clicks the link and then purchases any time after that, you get the credit. If they purchase again, you get the credit again.

You can link to our home page, our download page, or even a game in our showcase. We'll give you a Hippani account, to track your sales and commission. We'll also give you a special tracking code to add to the end of your links.

Links look like this:

It's free to join and simple to use.

Before you join:
• Customers are tracked using cookies. If a customers cookies are lost for whatever reason, any possible commission will be lost.
• The first website to refer a customer will get the commission, any subsequent referrals will be ignored.
• Affiliates must have a PayPal account so Hippani Ltd can send a monthly commission eCheck.
• Every effort will be made to pay commission owed, but if for some reason Hippani Ltd is unable to do so then we can only apologize.
• Hippani Ltd reserve the right to cancel an affiliate account due to misuse, such as spamming and not pay commission.

I agree. Sign me up.