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Text Text

Text Text

Text works differently from some of the other items. It also doesn’t scale like the other items. If you create text with a font-size of 24, the text will be placed in a bounding box and it will always be 24 no matter how much you resize it in the editor. However, the text will scale relative to the movie if the movie is resized, for example it will be smaller in a phone’s browser.

Edit Properties

Text • The text value.

Allow Wrap • Allow the text to wrap around on to more than one line.

Convert To Image • Convert the text into an image when exported.

When the movie is exported to HTML. The text is changed to an image. This takes more time to download but it does allow any standard font on your computer to be used.

Color • The fill color.

Font • The font, style and alignment of the text.

Scale Font Size • Scale the font size of the text, as the movie, or frame changes size.

Text Effect • Effects that can be added to the text, none, shadow or cut out.

Shadow Width • The width of the shadow.

Shadow Height • The height of the shadow.

Embed • Embed any image data in the HTML export.

Sound Link Text Box