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Sound Sound

Add sound to your movies. There may be a delay while the sound loads so try using long sounds, sounds where accuracy is not important and small file sizes to reduce the delay. Sounds can also be controlled using script.

Edit Properties

Alternate Ogg file • Adding an alternate Ogg URL, is for rare occasions when MP3 is not supported by HTML5 or Adobe® Flash®.

Audio Quality • Adjust the quality and file size of the exported audio files.

Play • Play or stop the sound at this point in the timeline. The sound will restart if it is currently being played.

Loop • Loop the sound.

Script Script

Sound Play • Play a sound.


Sound Stop • Stop a sound that is playing or looping.


Sound Pause • Pause a sound that is playing.


Sound Resume • Resume a sound that is paused.


Sound Get Duration • Get the duration of the sound, in seconds.


Sound Get Position • Get the position of the sound, in seconds.


Sound Set Position • Set the position of the sound, in seconds.


Sound Get Volume • Get the volume of the sound, 0-100.


Sound Set Volume • Set the volume of the sound, 0-100.


Adobe® Flash® Player Security

Some web browser such as Firefox and Opera may require Adobe® Flash® to play sound and video. If a security warning is shown you will need to change Adobe® Flash® security settings. Adobe® Flash® blocks advanced features when run directly from a computer.

Adobe® Flash® Player Security AdobeWarning

Open the settings from the warning, choose advanced and add the export folder to the list of trusted locations. Sometimes it's easier to add the whole C:\ drive to the list of trusted locations. This won't be a problem when the page is hosted on the internet.

Adobe® Flash® Player Security AdobeSettings

Shapes Sound Link