Menus and Toolbar Timeline

Edit Preferences

Language • The interface language.

Check For Updates • Automatically check for updates.

Interface • The style of the user interface.

Toolbar Icons • Change the size and text of the icons in the toolbar.

Toolbar Position • The position of the toolbar.

Interface Size • Change the size of the controls on the interface.

Show Movie Controls • Show or hide the movie controls at the bottom of the player.

Show Video Player • Show actual video in the player.

Show Web Browser • Show actual web browser in the player.

Allow Individual Output Folder • Allow each movie to have it's own output folder.

Maximum Embedded Image Size (KB) • Restrict the size of embedded images in the HTML export, 48KB should work in old web browsers, however new web browsers can cope with much larger images. Set the value to 0 for no maximum.

Script Timeout • The number of seconds before any script that is running will timeout. This timeout helps find infinite loops. Set this value to 0 for no timeout.

Allow Tab Key • Allow the tab key to be used in text editors.

Restart on Fatal Error • Restart the software automatically if there has been a fatal error.

Auto Save

Auto Save • Automatically save the current movie every few minutes.

Minutes • The number of minutes to wait before saving.

Auto Backup

Auto Backup • Create backup revisions of the current movie every time it is saved.

Revisions • The number of revisions to save, including the main file.

Use Movie Folder • Save backup revisions in the same folder as the current movie.

Backup Folder • Save backup revisions to this folder.

Override Proxy

Address • The IP address or domain of the proxy server.

Port • The port number of the proxy server.

Override Authentication

Username • The network authentication username.

Password • The network authentication password.

Menus and Toolbar Timeline