HTML Image Grid

Image Image

Import, edit and export images. Hippani Animator supports JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF and WMF. Use the image editor to edit your images.

Edit Properties

Edit • Edit the image, resize, rotate, crop and flip. You can also add effects like blur, noise, contrast and brightness.

Size • The original size of the image.

Source • The original source of this item, if it is available. The source can be reloaded.

Export • When exporting to HTML, this item will be exported in this image format. Only some image formats support alpha transparency.

Jpeg Quality • The quality of the jpeg image when exporting to HTML.

Export Size • The size of the exported image.

Export Width • The custom width of the exported image.

Export Height • The custom height of the exported image.

Preload • Start loading this before the movie starts playing. This might cause the movie to pause while loading in some browsers.

Embed • Embed any image data in the HTML export.

Cursor • Change the mouse cursor. Cursors are ignored on touch devices.

Custom Cursor • Set the cursor to a cursor in the library.

HTML Image Grid