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5.1.5995 • Around 30 bugs fixed. Overall stability improved. Minor user interface improvements. 1000's language corrections.

5.0.5858 • 500+ new primitive shapes available in editor, drawings and images, new slider object, new select object, new templates, new movie types, script in timelines, nested script ID, css classes on objects, link to external JavaScript and CSS files, HTML5 export (work in progress), external script export, updated OS X version, updated interface and icons, various bug fixes.

4.3.5591 • Video export improvements. SVG improvements. Widget Splash Screens. New Icons and scrollbars. Video export now includes audio.

4.3.5557 • Export progress bar. Search the movie. Timers. More scene functions.

4.1.5498 • New start page. New editor zoom options. Special character window in text boxes. On resize movie event.

4.1.5450 • Remove images from viewer and sequence. New text scaling options. Responsive layout functions. Link set text and font size. HTML set color, Help links, Script timeout.

4.0.5381 • Zoom is saved. Ogg support. Export W3C Widgets. Debug text moved. Position loader. Script line numbers.

4.0.5337 • Item previews. IE image flicker fixed. Improved Right-To-Left support. Embed individual images. New tabbed interface. Add additional CSS to HTML buttons. Fixed unicode character combinations for languages like Hindi and Arabic.

4.0.5318 • Include alternate video formats. iOS 6 improvements. On Over and out improved on mobile. Right to left fonts. Font line height. Properties update. Show errors in HTML export. Nested timelines. Pivot points. Jump between events in script editor. Movie on over and on out events.

3.7.5280 • Play movie backwards by changing the speed. Jump to functions in your script. Search in script. Custom and blank cursors. CSS and HTML color coding.

3.7.5260 • Script color coding. Cursors. Duplicate and delete items using script. Zoom in and out of the timeline. Order items using script.

3.6.5247 • Animated GIF. Add custom HTML to the HEAD and BODY. 4 new languages.

3.5.5246 • New TimeChange and SecondsChange variables. Free version when trial expires.

3.5.5223 • Image sequences in timeline. Language translator changes are now checked. Do not cache option. Disable the context menu. New hot spot control.

3.4.5211 • Buttons and links now allowed in timelines. New image grid control.

3.4.5173 • Scroll by and to functions. New translation editor, earn a free licence. New sound link object.

3.3.5120 • Sound overhaul, new sound features, functions and browser support. Old sound functions have been replaced. Google fonts. Change the speed of timelines and image sequences.

3.2.5086 • No script property. Google images and clip ArtTools. Tilt in image editor. Flood fill in image editor.

3.1.5071 • Skew and full text rotation, even in IE 6-8. Import libraries. Reduced image export size. Drag to arrange panels. Dynamic frame rates. Multiple add to image lists.

3.1.5051 • Checkbox and option inputs.

3.0.5006 • Timelines/groups within timelines. Add script to timeline. MP4 video player. Curved transitions. New easing types. Improved help search. Improved script errors. New improved GUI and icons. New tutorials.

2.7.4907 • New image editor tools.

2.6.4902 • Help search updated. SVG import improvements. Text editing locations are remembered.

2.6.4877 • Advanced mouse control, including mouse X,Y and mouse button.

2.5.4871 • New XML object for data driven websites.

2.5.4827 • New script events in image viewer. Add url to image viewer and sequence. Add additional CSS and JavaScript files.

2.5.4822 • Tooltips for buttons and links. Read only inputs. Input focus function. Multiline text input. New HTML export options.

2.5.4818 • Demos update. Help update. Vector add point tool. Loader images.

2.4.4813 • Player size functions. Movie keyboard events. JavaScript frame properties. Cookies.

2.4.4801 • Text, password and hidden inputs. Pause/Resume sounds. New URL player. New video tutorials.

2.3.4775 • JavaScript engine, new script events, objects and functions.

2.2.4737 • New user interface. New vector drawing tools and menu. New smaller installer and faster update. New button symbol dialog. Change interface size.

2.1.4680 • SVG import and export. Individual color opacity.

2.0.4672 • PlayThenLoop function. Opera Mini improvements. Swipe the image viewer. Scroll while dragging. Fullscreen mode.

2.0.4652 • New movie scale and background image scale options. Turn off font scale in text box. Toggle button. Auto save. Auto Backup.

2.0.4632 • Scenes. Image sequences. Text box. Custom image export. Hide layers and items in the timeline. GetFrameUrl function.

1.7.4519 • Stamp shape. Radial gradients. Arrange panels. New angle control. Faster JavaScript. Show background image while loading. Text shadows and cutouts. Rotate and flip in image editor.

1.7.4507 • 256 color export. Layered vector drawing. Smaller image export. Gradient Angle. Faster loader. Resize images. Script debugger.

1.6.4485 • New button styles, effects and icons. Minor GUI updates.

1.6.4468 • Image viewer and slide show object. On Over and On Out script for buttons. Reduced shaky animation. Vimeo support. New page object.

1.5.4421 • Document scaling. Invisible buttons. Draw lines. Mouse wheel support. Drag the time. Video tutorials. Improved audio support. Load and save drawings. Align icons. New drop down lists.

1.4.4400 • Drag to select frames and items. Snap to guides. Tracing. New tutorials. Copy and paste frames. Highlight search in help.

1.4.4386 • Arrange multiple items. Transparent backgrounds. Custom loaders.

1.3.4363 • Optional dark interface. Reset. Rulers. New font window. Transform by a percentage.

1.3.4352 • Sound. Transition by default. Image button rotation. Hyperlinks. YouTube.

1.2.4336 • Drag and drop. Background image.

1.2.4329 • GUI updates, moved zoom, sorted focus, rearranged keyboard shortcuts.

1.2.4318 • Vector drawing. Library folders. Help search and print.

1.1.4311 • Better scripting, new image editor and more shapes.

1.1.4301 • New GUI, languages and easing.

1.0.4296 • New Installer and software languages. Now supports more .net frameworks.

1.0.4286 • Fixed several bugs. New GIF and PNG export. Frames with no transitions are now squares.

1.0.4283 • Added Shortest and longest rotation direction. Added three new tutorials.

1.0.4280 • Improved IE support, added flip horizontally and vertically, export is now available in the trial, right click a sprite for shortcuts, added feedback to the toolbar, various minor bug fixes, added crash dialog.

1.0.4274 • Fixed font type not saving, fixed undo for shortcut movements, fixed grab and move overlap problem, fixed bad font style crash.

1.0.4267 • Added Quit menu option and Recent movies list. Convert to Image feature added to Text. Text now displays in the timeline and library with the correct font.

1.0.4261 • Added rounded rectangles.

1.0.4258 • Final release version.

1.0.4220 • Added speed increases, layer clipping, library duplicates and lines.

1.0.4218 • Basic software completed and ready to be used.

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