Using Pivot Points Understanding Script ID

Working with Layers

This tutorial assumes you have a basic understanding of this software.

Create a new movie. Add a new 'Star' shape to the library and change its 'Color' to yellow.

Working with Layers 1

Working with Layers 2

Drag the star to the editor and resize it so that it is bigger than the size of the movie. You may need to zoom out to do this.

Working with Layers 3

You may notice that the points of the triangle are darker when they are outside the bounds of the movie. Often the size of the movie is different from the available space in the web browser. When this happens, these parts of the star will be clipped when the movie is exported to HTML.

In the properties for the movie, choose 'Clip'.

Working with Layers 4

The points of the star will no longer be clipped when exporting to HTML.

Working with Layers 5

From the menu for the current layer choose 'Lock'.

Working with Layers 6

The layer is now locked in place. No items in this layer can be selected or edited. It is now safe to work on the rest of your movie without fear of this layer changing or interfering with your editing.

Working with Layers 7

Create a new layer by clicking the 'Layer' icon on the 'Timeline' or by choosing 'Layer' from the 'Movie' menu.

AddFolder Layer

Working with Layers 8

A new layer is created above the locked layer. The new layer is not locked.

Try adding items to this new layer. Notice how the new items can be edited without disrupting the yellow star.

Working with Layers 9

Working with Layers 10

Using Pivot Points Understanding Script ID