Cutting out Images Creating Masks

Making Waves

This tutorial assumes you have a basic understanding of this software.

Create a new movie. Start a new drawing and select the 'Line' tool.

Making Waves 1

Making Waves 2

DrawLine Line

Making Waves 3

Draw a new shape like the one below by clicking the points.

Making Waves 4

Right click to close the shape.

Making Waves 5

Use the 'Adjust' tool to drag the lines and make curves.

Adjust Adjust

Making Waves 6

The finished wave shape should look something like this.

Making Waves 7

The layer you have drawn on is a shape layer, it can have as many shapes as you like on this layer, but they all have to have the same fill and border. Add a new line layer to your drawing. Set the border color for this layer to white and the border width to 3.

LineLayer Draw Lines

Making Waves 8

Making Waves 9

Turn off the 'Snap To Grid' feature. The 'Grid' settings are in the 'View' menu.

Making Waves 10

Add some detail to your drawing using the 'Draw' tool. You can use the 'Adjust' tool to make it perfect.

Draw Draw

Making Waves 11

The drawing can now be animated like normal in the movie editor.

Cutting out Images Creating Masks