Text Shadows Blur Transitions

Image Shadows

This tutorial assumes you have already completed tutorial five. It uses many of the same steps, except with images.

Create a new movie. Add an image to the library.

Import Import

Click to save this image to your computer.

Image Shadows Cat

Image Shadows 1

This tutorial works best when the image has transparent elements, this example uses an image of a cat. Create a duplicate of the image in the library and click 'Edit' in the properties for one of the images to open the image editor.

Image Shadows 2

Click 'Shadow' to convert the image into a shadow.

Shadow Shadow

Image Shadows 3

Click 'Blur' and choose the amount of blur you desire.

Blur Blur

Image Shadows 4

Follow the steps from the text shadow tutorial to create the final shadow effect.

Image Shadows 5

Text Shadows Blur Transitions