Joining Two Movies Image Shadows

Text Shadows

This tutorial assumes you have already completed tutorials one and three.

Create a new movie. Add a new 'Text' item to the library.

Text Shadows 1

Change the content to Text Shadow. Set some properties for the text. In the example, the 'Color' is changed to red, 'Font Type' changed to 'Standard', the 'Standard Font' set to Impact and the 'Font Size' changed to 16. If you are exporting to HTML then you may want to choose 'Convert To Image' to make sure the font you choose is available on all computers.

Text Shadows 2

Click the button next to the text once you are happy with the style and choose 'Duplicate'.

Copy Duplicate

Text Shadows 3

Text Shadows 4

Drag the black text on to the editor or click 'Add To Timeline' from the library menu. Arrange the text in the middle of the editor so it can be seen clearly.

Text Shadows 5

Duplicate the item in the timeline. This will make sure the two items have the same dimensions.

Copy Duplicate

Text Shadows 6

Swap the top item for the red text.

Text Shadows 7

Text Shadows 8

Click the dot for frame 0 of the black text.

Text Shadows 9

Move the black text 2 pixels to the right and 2 pixels down. Either use the arrow keys or change the 'Location' values of the frame.

Text Shadows 10

Finally change the 'Opacity' property of the frame to 50%.

Text Shadows 11

Text Shadows 12


From this point it is also possible to create a reflection effect.

Right click the text and choose 'Flip Vertical'.

Reflection 13

Move the black text under the red text.

Reflection 14

Joining Two Movies Image Shadows