Using Timelines Image Buttons

Adding Buttons

This tutorial assumes you have already completed tutorials one and two.

Create a new movie. In the properties of the movie, turn off 'Loop' and 'Auto Play'. In this movie the timeline will be controlled by buttons.

Adding Buttons 1

Add two buttons to the library and set the Text of the buttons to Start and Return.

Button Button

Adding Buttons 2

Adding Buttons 3

Adding Buttons 4

Add the Start button to the timeline at frame zero and move it to the left of the editor.

Adding Buttons 5

Adding Buttons 6

Single click in the timeline at frame ten so the red line moves to frame ten.

Adding Buttons 7

Add the Return button to the timeline, a new frame will appear at frame ten. Move the button to the right of the editor.

Adding Buttons 8

Adding Buttons 9

Unfortunately both buttons are now visible at frame ten. Create a new frame for the start button at frame ten.

Adding Buttons 10

Then turn off visible in the properties.

Adding Buttons 11

Adding Buttons 12

Adding Buttons 13

Now only the Start button should be visible at frame zero and only the return button visible at frame ten.

Click the button the Start button in the library to edit its properties.

Adding Buttons 14

Adding Buttons 15

In the properties for the button, edit 'On Click'. Either choose the 'Goto and Stop' script function from the 'Script Functions' menu and change the Frame:Number value to 10, or simply type GotoAndStop(10).



Edit the Return button and set it’s 'On Click' value to ‘GotoAndStop(0)’.


To see the buttons in action click 'Play' on the toolbar or from the 'Movie' menu.

Play Play

Adding Buttons 19

Click the Start button to go to frame ten, then click the Return button to back to frame zero.

Using Timelines Image Buttons