Loop the Loop Working with Layers

Using Pivot Points

This tutorial demonstrates how to make characters with arms and legs that rotate correctly. This is done by changing the center of rotation, or pivot point. Import all the robot images into the library.

Import Import

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Using Pivot Points RobotHead

Using Pivot Points RobotBody

Using Pivot Points RobotLeftArm

Using Pivot Points RobotRightArm

Using Pivot Points RobotLeg

Using Pivot Points 1

Arrange all the parts of the robot in the editor and then select the right arm.

Using Pivot Points 2

In the center of the selected arm is a + symbol. Grab the + with your mouse and drag the arm. This allows the arm to be moved, without the center of rotation moving. You should now be able to see two + symbols. A larger + that you are dragging and a smaller +, this is the center of rotation. Move the arm until the smaller + is over the shoulder of the arm.

Using Pivot Points 3

Next, move the arm back into position. To move the arm normally, grab anywhere except the +. The arm now has a pivot point on it's shoulder.

Using Pivot Points 4

Create an animation where the arm rotates. The arm will rotate around the pivot point.

Using Pivot Points 5

Pivot points can be tricky. When things go wrong, right-click an item in the editor and choose 'Reset'.

Undo Reset

Loop the Loop Working with Layers