Adding Buttons Script in the Timeline

Image Buttons

Hippani Animator includes a wide variety of button options. However, sometimes that's not enough. This tutorial demonstrates how to use images as buttons. First import these 3 crab images into the library.

Import Import

Click to save this image to your computer.

Image Buttons Crab

Image Buttons CrabOver

Image Buttons CrabPress

Add a button to the library.

Button Button

Image Buttons 1

In the button's properties, change the 'Fill Type' to 'Image'. The preview of the button will disappear, as there is no image to display.

Image Buttons 2

Set the value of 'Image' to Crab and 'Press Image' to CrabPress.

Image Buttons 3

You can test the button by clicking the preview or by adding the button to a movie.

It is also possible to add an image that is shown when the mouse moves over the button. However, this image will not be shown on touchscreen devices. By default, it is turned off. To use this feature, turn on 'Use Mouse Over'.

Image Buttons 4

Set the value of 'Over Image' to CrabOver.

Image Buttons 5

Add the button to a movie to test it. Move the mouse over, and the crab opens it's claws. Press the button and an outline is shown.

Adding Buttons Script in the Timeline