Getting Started Using Timelines

Flashing Triangle

This tutorial assumes you have already completed tutorial one.

Create a new movie, add a triangle to the library and then add the triangle to the timeline.

Flashing Triangle 1

Flashing Triangle 2

Double click at intervals along the timeline to create frames at five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty five and thirty.

Flashing Triangle 3

Select frame five in the timeline.

Flashing Triangle 4

In the properties for the frame, turn off 'Visible'.

Flashing Triangle 5

The frame on the timeline will now appear as an empty dot.

Flashing Triangle 6

Flashing Triangle 7

Do the same for the frames at fifteen, twenty five and thirty five.

Flashing Triangle 8

The triangle should now be visible for the first five frames, invisible for the next five frames and so on.

To see the animation that has been created, click 'Play' on the toolbar or from the 'Movie' menu.

The triangle should flash at five frame intervals.

Play Play

Flashing Triangle 9

Getting Started Using Timelines