Flashing Triangle Adding Buttons

Using Timelines

This tutorial shows how to use timelines. Timelines allow you to add animation that runs independently from the main movie. Add a new timeline to the library.

Timeline Timeline

Using Timelines 1

Using Timelines 2

To edit the timeline, click the blank preview in the properties. The timeline editor is alot like the normal movie editor, except many of the more complex features and objects are missing.

Using Timelines 3

In this example, we will create an animation of a butterfly flapping it's wings. Import the images for the wings and body.

Import Import

Click to save this image to your computer.

Using Timelines ButterflyLeftWing

Click to save this image to your computer.

Using Timelines ButterflyRightWing

Click to save this image to your computer.

Using Timelines ButterflyBody

Drag all the parts of the butterfly from the library to the editor.

Using Timelines 4

Arrange the butterfly in the top left corner of the editor.

Using Timelines 5

Add additional frames for the butterfly wings at frame 10 and 20.

Using Timelines 6

Select the wings at frame 10, and resize them to make it look like the wings are closed.

Using Timelines 7

Press play to test the timeline. The butterfly should now flap its wings.

Play Play

To quickly view the timeline's properties, click the timeline icon at the top of the properties. Adjust the size of the timeline, so that the butterfly fits neatly inside. Turn on 'Loop' so the butterfly keeps flapping its wings.

Timeline Timeline

Using Timelines 8

The finished timeline can now be added to the movie. It can be resized, rotated and animated like normal.

Using Timelines 9

Flashing Triangle Adding Buttons