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Joining Two Movies

One way to join two movies, is to have two scenes. However, sometimes your movie might be large, or the page you want to join to is not a Hippani Animator movie. This tutorial shows how to load a new movie when the first movie is finished.
Turn off Loop in the movie properties.

Joining Two Movies 1

When loop is turned off, a new script event appears called 'On End'. This event runs when the movie finishes. If loop is turned on, the movie will never finish playing.

Joining Two Movies 2

Add this script to the 'On End'. This assumes you have create a movie called Movie2 and exported it to HTML. The URL can be relative or absolute.


Text values can be passed from one movie to the next. For example, in the first movie you might choose a location France, and need to pass this to the second movie.

var Location="France";


The value of the location can be retrieved in Movie2.

var ChosenLocation=GetQueryString("Location");

Multiple values can be passed like this.


Opening Web Pages Text Shadows