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Adding More Scenes

This tutorial demonstrates how to add more scenes to your movie. This stops the timeline becoming cluttered and unmanagable. Start a new movie and recreate the circle animation from the 'Getting Started' tutorial.

Adding More Scenes 1

Click scenes on the toolbar or the movie menu, to open a list of the scenes.

Scene Scenes

Adding More Scenes 2

Add a new scene. Scenes can be duplicated, rearranged and deleted from this list. Your new scene should be selected. Close the list. You can now create a whole new scene fro your movie.

Adding More Scenes 3

Create a new animation in your new scene. We've created something similar to the first scene, a star moving across the movie.

Adding More Scenes 4

You can quickly jump between scenes using the drop down menu in the timeline.

Adding More Scenes 5

Press play to test the move. The first scene will play and then the second.


Adding More Scenes 6

Adding More Scenes 7

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