Script in the Timeline Adding More Scenes

Play in Reverse

This tutorial demonstrates how to slow down the timeline and play in reverse. Start a new movie and recreate the circle animation from the 'Getting Started' tutorial.

Play in Reverse 1

Add a new script frame at 10.

Play in Reverse 2

Play in Reverse 3

Add the following script to this frame.


Play Play

Play in Reverse 5

This will make the timeline play at half speed when it reaches frame 10. Add another script frame at frame 20.

Play in Reverse 6


When the movie reaches frame 20, if will start playing in reverse. Notice that when it gets to frame 10, it moves forward at half speed again. It's possible to make this script run only when the movie is running forwards. Select the script at frame 10 and change it.

Play in Reverse 8


If you like you can place another script frame at 0, to start the movie playing normally again.


The speed can also be changed for timelines, image sequences and the image viewer. Speed has a cumulative effect. If the speed of the movie is 0.5 and the speed of an image sequence is 0.5, the image sequence will play at 0.5 x 0.5 = 0.25.

Script in the Timeline Adding More Scenes