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Creating Phone Apps

This tutorial demostrates how to create mobile phone apps for iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone.

Creating Phone Apps AsteroidPhone

First, create a movie, animation, application or game using Hippani Animator. Make sure in the movie properties you set the title, id, description, icon, author, website and e-mail. These details are included in the app.

Creating Phone Apps 1

Export the movie to a widget. Choose .zip as the file extension and turn on plugins. Plugins allow the features of the device to be used.

Creating Phone Apps 2

The widget can now be converted to iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps using a service called PhoneGap. Open your web browser and navigate to You will need to register. One app can be created for free.

Creating Phone Apps PhoneGapUpload

Upload your .zip file and PhoneGap will convert the widget to apps.

Creating Phone Apps PhoneGapExample

You can now download your apps. However, if your wish to distribute your apps, you will need to sign each app with a key. To do this, follow the instructions on PhoneGap.

Creating Phone Apps PhoneGapKeys

Once you have signed your apps with keys. You can submit them to the Apple, Microsoft and Google app stores.

iOS apps are distributed by the Apple app store.

How to test, sign and distribute iOS apps.

How to sign iOS apps in PhoneGap.

Android apps are distributed by Google Play. To test your app on an Android device. Go to Setting and then security on your device and allow unknown sources. You can then get the apk file on your device by placing it on a memory card, or by sending yourself an e-mail.

How to sign Android apps in PhoneGap.

How to distribute Android apps.

Windows Phone apps are distributed by the Microsoft Windows Phone store.

How to test Windows Phone apps.

How to Microsoft publisher ID and distribute Windows Phone apps.

A tip for advance users. Widgets can also be used with Cordova ( or Intel XDK (, to create phone apps. Export a widget with the file extension 'None'.

The orientation lock requires a plugin when building phone apps with PhoneGap, Cordova or Intel XDK. This plugin is automatically available when using However, it may need to be installed when using Cordova or Intel XDK.


Extending the HTML XML Databases