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Controlling the Timeline

This tutorial assumes you have a basic understanding of this software.

Create a new movie. Add a 'Rectangle' and a 'Circle' to the library.

Controlling the Timeline 1

Add the 'Rectangle' and the 'Circle' to the editor anywhere.

Set the 'Circle' to start at frame zero and become invisible at frame eleven.

Set the 'Rectangle' to start at frame twenty and become invisible at frame thirty one.

Controlling the Timeline 2

Controlling the Timeline 3

Turn off 'Auto Play' and 'Loop' in the movie properties. The timeline won't do anything until told.

Controlling the Timeline 4

Set 'On Start' to PlayClip(0,10);. This will mean the first 10 frames are played and then the movie stops.


Add a new button to the library and set 'On Click' to PlayClip(20,30);.


Add the button to the editor. Place it in the timeline at frame ten and make it invisible at frame eleven.

Controlling the Timeline 7

Controlling the Timeline 8

The movie will show the 'Circle' for the first ten frames and then show the button when it reaches frame ten and stops. Press the button to show the 'Rectangle' in frames twenty to thirty and then stop again. Use scripts and buttons in this way to control the time line and play clips or loops of animation at different points in the timeline.

Adding YouTube Video Adding Audio