Understanding Script ID Controlling the Timeline

Adding YouTube Video

This tutorial assumes you have a basic understanding of this software.

Create a new movie. Add a new YouTube video to the library. Video can be displayed at any point in the timeline, it can be resized and hidden but it can't be rotated.

Adding YouTube Video 1

In this tutorial we will use will use Hippani Animator Showreel Sept 2011 video from YouTube.

The web page is

This means the 'Video ID' is PSs-aXeNKzQ. Set the 'Video ID' in the properties and turn on 'Auto Play'.


Adding YouTube Video 3

Drag the YouTube video from the library to the editor.

Adding YouTube Video 4

If you like, you can test the movie now by pressing play.

Play Play

Adding YouTube Video 5

You may notice the video has a test image, this is so YouTube doesn't have to load every time you test. Turn on 'Show Video Player' in preferences.

Adding YouTube Video 6

We are now going to control the video using script. In the timeline choose the first frame of the YouTube video. In the frame properties, 'Script ID' is the name that will be used to reference the YouTube video, it must be unique. Set the 'Script ID' to TutorialVideo or any other name you like.

Adding YouTube Video 7

The new 'Script ID' is displayed in the timeline.

Adding YouTube Video 8

Add a new button to the timeline and change the text to Tutorial 1.

Adding YouTube Video 9

Adding YouTube Video 10

Set the script value for 'On Click' to will open a new video 0vn0sb_8yAc in TutorialVideo. This is a Hippani Animator tutorial video. 'Loop' is off, 'Auto Play' is on and 'Show Controls' is on.


Drag the button from the library to the editor.

Adding YouTube Video 12

To test the movie press play. Hippani Animator Show reel Sept 2011 will play automatically. Press Tutorial 1 to open the second video.

Play Play

Adding YouTube Video 13

Understanding Script ID Controlling the Timeline