Hippani Animator Getting Started

A Quick Tour

A quick tour around Hippani Animator.

Menus and Toolbars

At the top is the menus and toolbar, used for accessing common functions such as creating new movie projects, adding pictures and shapes to your movie, testing and exporting.

Menus and Toolbars 1

Menus and Toolbars 2

Menus and Toolbar


The timeline at the top left displays the items in your movie and the different frames each item is positioned at.

Timeline 3

Key frames are added to your movie and are represented by a dot. A frame is the position of on item such as a shape or button at a particular period in time. Not every frame of an animation is required, only the key frames. The frames in-between are calculated by the software, this is called a transition, moving the item from one position to another without having to do all the animation in-between. The timeline can be organized with layers to stop it from getting too cluttered.



The library at the top right contains all the items, images and shapes in the movie.

Library 4

An item such as an image only needs to be added once to the library and then can be added repeatedly to the timeline.



The editor on the bottom left displays the movie at the current point in time. Each frame can be selected, moved, rotated and resized.

Editor 5



The properties editor on the bottom right display all the properties of the current movie, frame or item.

Properties 6

Hippani Animator Getting Started