Exporting Drawing Editor

Image Editor

Click an image in the library and choose 'Edit' from the properties to open the image editor.

Image Editor 1

Use the image editor to crop, blur or brighten an image.

New New • Create a new image.

UsedFolder Open • Import images (bmp,png,jpg,gif,tiff,wmf).

SaveAs Save As • Save the image.

Resize Resize • Resize the image.

PaintBrush Paint Brush • Paint dots with a paint brush.

Draw Draw • Draw a shape.

Line Line • Draw lines.

Star Shape • Draw a shape.

Eraser Erase • Erase pixels.

Crop Crop • Crop the image. Use your mouse to select an area.

Cutout Cut Out • Cut out an image. Use your mouse to select an area.

Dropper Color Copy • Click the image to copy a color to the clipboard.

FloodFill Fill • Fill the selected color with a new color.

Blur Blur • Blur the image.

Sharpen Sharpen • Sharpen the image.

Grayscale Grayscale • Change the image colors to black and white tones.

Sepia Sepia • Change the image colors to sepia tones.

Tint Tint • Tint the image with another color.

Shadow Shadow • Change the image to a shadow.

Noise Noise • Add noise to the image.

Negative Negative • Negative image.

Brighten Brighten • Brighten the image.

Darken Darken • Darken the image.

IncreaseContrast Contrast + • Increase the contrast of the image.

DecreaseContrast Contrast - • Decrease the contrast of the image.

TiltX Tilt X • Tilt the image along the X axis.

TiltY Tilt Y • Tilt the image along the Y axis.

FlipH Flip Horizontal • Flip the image horizontally.

FlipV Flip Vertical • Flip the image vertically.

Rotate Clockwise • Rotate the image clockwise.

Rotate Anticlockwise • Rotate the image anticlockwise.

Exporting Drawing Editor