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Fonts FontEditor

Font Type • The type of font to use.

Standard – Choose a font from your computer. This font may not be available on a web page. Different people have different fonts on their computers. However this can be solved by converting to an image.
Web Safe – This is a list of fonts that are almost guaranteed to be on every computer.
Google Fonts - These are a collection of fonts stored at Google. For Google font names visit Google fonts work in HTML and are only displayed in Hippani Animator if the font is also installed locally.
Custom – Add your own font or list of fonts. You can add fall back fonts if the first one is not found. For Example My Super Font,Arial.

Font • The name of the standard, web safe, Google or custom font.

Font Size • The size of the font.

Line Height • The height of a line of text. 1 is normal. 2 is double height. 0.5 is half height.

Align • Horizontal alignment of the text.

Vertical Align • Vertical alignment of the text.

Bold • Bold text.

Italic • Italic text.

Underline • Underlined text.

Strikeout • Strikeout text.

Right To Left • The text is displayed from right to left.

Drawing Editor Loader