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The editor can be used to change the position, size, rotation and center of rotation of an item in the timeline.

Editor 1

The triangle on the top right is selected. Click an item to select it and edit the current frames properties. Click anywhere else in the editor to select nothing and edit the movie properties. The triangle on the bottom left is also selected but is not the main selection. Select more than one item by holding the Shift key, deselect using the Ctrl key. When more then one item is selected, the align menu can be used to arrange the items. The triangle on the bottom right is not visible but a box is shown so uit can be located.

Drag the selected item with your mouse to move it around the editor.

Drag ○ to resize the item.

Drag the ♦ to rotate the item.

Right click to access the editor menu.

Edit Edit • Edit the item.

FlipH Flip Horizontal • Flip the item horizontally.

FlipV Flip Vertical • Flip the item vertically.

Visible Visible • The frame of the movie is visible.

Transition Transition • The frame will transition to the next frame.

Transform • Transform a selected item. Change the width and height by a percentage. You can also achieve this by holding the shift key and dragging the item in the editor.

Undo Reset • Reset the item to its original size and rotation.

Delete Delete Frame • Delete the selected frame in the timeline.

Library Player