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Drawing Editor

Click 'Drawing', click a drawing in the library or choose 'Edit' from the library menu to open the drawing editor.

Drawing Editor 1

Use the drawing editor to create new vector shapes and lines.

New New • Start a new drawing.

UsedFolder Open • Import vector drawings and SVG.

SaveAs Save As • Export vector drawings and SVG.

Star Draw Shape • Add a new shape layer.

Line Draw Lines • Add a new line layer.

Adjust Adjust • Adjust points, lines and curves.

Scale Scale • Scale a shape.

Refresh Rotate • Rotate a shape.

SizeAll Move • Move a shape.

Resize Resize • Resize the drawing.

Grid Grid • Edit the grid in the editor. Change the snap and spacing.

AddPoint Add Point • Add a new point to an existing line.

Drawing Draw • Draw a shape.

DrawLine Line • Draw lines.

Eraser Erase • Erase a line.

Trace Trace • Trace the current frame of the movie.

AddPoint Optimize • Optimize the points of the shape or line. The points will be reduced depending on the chosen quality.

Image Editor Fonts