Interactive Italian Artist Timeline by Tom St.Clair


Thanks to Tom St.Clair for this submission. Tom has won a free Hippani Animator 5 key.

"When I was preparing for trips to Florence, Italy to study art, I looked for an interactive timeline of Florentine renaissance painters and sculptors. Since I couldn’t find what I was looking for online, I made my own using Hippani. The artists are arranged showing when they lived. When you click on an artist’s name a concise summary of their contribution to Florentine art and the locations of their works in Florence appears. The timeline could be easily adapted for any sort of timeline. Since Florence is the single most important site for Italian Renaissance art and the birthplace of the Renaissance, the timeline would be useful for anyone studying Art History or preparing for a trip to Florence as I was.

I looked at a lot of different animation tools before choosing this one. Hippani Animator was by far the easiest to learn and use.

Tom St.Clair"


To add this timeline to a html page use the following code:

Download the Hippani Animator 5 project Artists.hani 13MB.

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