HTML Animation vs GIF vs Video


Hippani Animator includes multiple export options.

Using the same simple movie. Here is a comparison of HTML animation, GIF and video export. At first glance, they might look very similar, but the differences are huge.

These are examples are full quality. The quality could be reduced, which would reduce the file size. Download speeds are based on a 2MB per second internet connection.

HTML Animation

Size: 200k
Cross-Browser: Yes
Auto-Play: Optional
Download Speed: 0.75 Seconds
Streamable: No
Interactive: Optional
Scalable: Yes



Size: 18.3MB
Cross-Browser: Yes
Auto-Play: Yes
Download Speed: 1 Minute 16 Seconds
Streamable: Depends on web browser
Interactive: No
Scalable: Yes


Size: Depends on format supported. MP4 5.4MB, OGG 2.1MB
Cross-Browser: No
Auto-Play: Depends whether on desktop or mobile
Download Speed: 8-22 Seconds
Streamable: Yes
Interactive: Optional video controls
Scalable: Yes

Download the Hippani Animator project Leaves.hani 294k.

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