adds HTML Animation

November 2012

Check out this slick animation on the TripLogik website made with Hippo Animator 2.

Go for the Professional Look in 2.1

October 2012

New in Hippo Animator 2.1.4686 Change the Size of the interface (GUI) in preferences.

Go for the professional small look or increase the size for easy reading.

SVG Import/Export in Hippo Animator 2.1

October 2012

Hippo Animator 2 is now available and it includes SVG import & export.

You can now add vector graphics created in other application to Hippo Animator. Vector graphics is exported as SVG, VML and PNG to support all browsers.

Also added is opacity for individual fills and borders for extra flexibility.

Locked Door with Audio Example

October 2012

Locked door with audio example.

Unlock the door to reveal a surprise.

All HTML as always, this animation took 1 hour to create with Hippo Animator. Try it on your phone.

Hippo Animator 2.0.4669

October 2012

Updates in Hippo Animator 2.0.4669

It's now possible to swipe the image viewer with a finger or mouse.

We've also made a big improvements to orientation and touch support on phones and tablets.

You can download the latest version here: Download

Hippo Animator 2.0.4667

October 2012

Lots of small updates in Hippo Animator 2.0.4667

A great new feature, you can now scroll while dragging. Grab an item in the editor, the library, the timeline or anywhere with scrollbars. Move to the edge and the scrollbar will automatically scroll so you can see more.

A few more bug fixes, the software is so much more solid than it was before. We're very proud.


Showreel of a few of the animations and websites we've created or seen in the past year.

Fullscreen support in Animator 2.0.4659

October 2012

Fullscreen support is now available in the latest Hippo Animator. Use the script:


Create cross-browser fullscreen websites with ease.

Check out this Fullscreen Example

We need your help to translate our software. Get a free licence worth $50 if you correct one hundred phrases

Press 'F4' in the software for the language editor.

Il Pixel Rosso Website made with Hippo Animator

September 2012

Check out this impressive website for il pixel rosso made with Hippo Animator 2.

100% HTML. Scales to fit any device.

Auto Save & Auto Backup

September 2012

New auto save & auto backup features are available in Hippo Animator 2.0.4650.

Turn on these features in preferences (F3).

Gold Text Effect by David Knight

September 2012

This gold text effect was created by David Knight in Australia.

The animation uses a cutout text image that could easily be replaced by any text you like to create your own logo.

See the Effect

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