Hippo Animator 4 Now Available on Windows

Blog October 2014

Hippo Animator 4 Now Available on Windows Download Hippo Animator 4 7MB Windows

New Features:

• New tutorials.
• Export W3C Widgets and create phone apps.
• Nested timelines.
• Pivot points.
• Tabbed interface for faster workflow.
• Item and object previews.
• New script editor.
• Script line numbers to help debugging.
• Script timeout to catch infinite loops.
• Zoom is saved so you can pick up where you left off.
• Embed individual images.
• Image export size options, including export original size.
• Ogg and WebM support.
• Add additional CSS to HTML buttons.
• Debug text moved to the debugger can be viewed at the same times as the player.
• Include alternate video formats.
• Show errors and debugging information in HTML export.
• Alternate video formats.
• Position the loader.
• On Over and out improved on mobile.
• Right to left fonts.
• Font line height.
• Properties update, set values with a text box as well as sliders.
• Jump between events in script editor.
• Movie on over and on out events.
• Improved right-to-left text support.
• IE image flicker fixed.
• iOS 6 improvements.
• Fixed unicode character combinations for languages like Hindi and Arabic.
• 100+ more minor fixes and improvements.

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