We've moved on Facebook

Blog July 2014

We've moved on Facebook Our new Facebook page is www.facebook.com/HippoStudiosLimited

We hope you'll join us.

We tried to advertise on Facebook. Unfortunately, all this does is attract fake robot accounts. Our page now has 1000's of them! Which sucks for all of us, but is awesome for Facebook as it makes them lots of money. As Facebook refuse to do anything about this issue, we've decided to move, and we won't be giving Facebook any more advertising pennys.

In a few months we will delete this page.




Hippo Animator 4 Beta

July 2014

Try an early beta version of Hippo Animator 4.

Hippo Animator 4 beta Update

August 2014

Download Hippo Animator 4 7MB (Windows only beta version)


Beware of Cracked Software

August 2016

This is a friendly warning from Hippani.

New Save & Import Features in Animator 5.1

June 2016

Sharing your work between projects just became so much...

Learn more about creating HTML animation and mobile apps with Hippani Animator.
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