Publishing on WordPress

April 2015

WordPress is the most popular blogging system on the Web, with more than 60 million websites.

This tutorial demonstrates how to add your HTML animation to a WordPress website.

Publishing on WordPress Tutorial

Pivot Points Tutorial

April 2015

This tutorial demonstrates how to use pivot points, also known as the center or rotation. This technique is very useful when creating character animation.

Pivot Points Tutorial

Blur Transitions Tutorial

April 2015

This tutorial demonstrates how to smoothly transition from a normal image to a blurred image. This technique will work with any kind of image effect.

Blur Transitions Tutorial

Video Export now Includes Audio

March 2015

One of the most requested features ever has finally been added to Hippo Animator 4.3.

Now, when you export to video, audio is also exported. Create videos, cartoons, anime or presentations, all with full audio.

New Search Features in Hippo Animator 4

March 2015

It is now possible to search a movie.

Search everything, from image to scripts, and then jump straight to that item.

Simply type in the search box in the title.

Advanced XML Database Tutorial

March 2015

This is a tutorial for advanced users. It demonstrates two ways to create XML databases. Read and write to an XML file.

XML Databases Tutorial

New Timer Functions Added to Hippo Animator 4.2

February 2015

Two new functions have been added to Hippo Animator 4.2.

TimerStart and TimerStop.

Timers are used to wait for a number of milliseconds before calling a function. A timer can run once or repeatedly.

Learn how to use timers

Creating Image Buttons Tutorial

January 2015

Hippo Animator includes a wide variety of button options. However, sometimes that's not enough. This tutorial demonstrates how to use images as buttons.

Image Buttons Tutorial

New Start Page Added to Hippo Animator 4.1

January 2015

A fantastic new start page has been added to Hippo Animator. It provides quick access to your recent movies, popular tutorials, social links, the latest news, demonstrations and tutorials.

Download the latest version of Hippo Animator and check it out.

How to Cut Out Images and Sprites Tutorial

January 2015

When creating animation, you might find you have one image with a number of sprites on it. Often on a white background.

This short tutorial shows how to cut out a sprite and give it a transparent background, so it can be animated.

Cutting out Images Tutorial

How to Add Masks Tutorial

January 2015

Masks are not supported by many web browsers, so Hippo Animator doesn't include them. Instead, here is one of a few creative ways you can work around this problem.

This tutorial demonstrates how to create a window shaped mask.

Creating Masks Tutorial

New Special Characters Window

January 2015

New feature added to Hippo Animator 4.1. Anybody using version 4 can get this feature and many other minor updates. It is included in both the professional and starter editions.

Add special characters to any text box or text editor using the new special character window.

It displays all the Unicode characters. Right-click in any text box to view.

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